Color Label Printers

Epson ColorWorks Desktop Color Label Printers

The first printer specifically designed as a color upgrade to black-and-white thermal transfer printers, the ColorWorks Series of inkjet printers deliver on-demand, 4″ and 8″ color labels at a comparable price. Engineered for mission-critical applications, these reliable printers speed through labels at up to 5″ per second. Featuring up to 1200 dpi resolution produces crisp images comparable to pre-printed labels. Compatible with ZPL II, SAP® and more, and built to accommodate remote printer management, these versatile printers offer seamless integration with 

A World of Applications

Under ‘A World of Applications’, discover the breadth of Printer Source Plus’s expertise as we showcase how the Epson ColorWorks series meets the diverse labeling needs across various industries, demonstrating our commitment to providing specialized solutions for every type of business


In healthcare, accurate labeling is vital for patient safety and compliance. Epson ColorWorks printers offer solutions for clear, legible labels for medication, patient identification, and specimen handling, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors in critical care environments.

Food & Beverage

Our clients in the food and beverage industry have witnessed remarkable transformations in their branding and operational efficiency since integrating Epson ColorWorks printers.


Redefine Professionalism in Event Management. Printer Source Plus is proud to introduce the Epson ColorWorks series, expertly designed to cater to the dynamic and creative needs of the event industry, from conferences and trade shows to weddings and festivals.

Breweries and Wineries

Stand out in the competitive beverage market with custom labels for every bottle. Epson ColorWorks printers empower breweries and wineries to create high-quality, distinctive labels that tell the story of each unique brew or vintage.


In retail, labels are essential for product branding, pricing, and inventory management. Epson ColorWorks printers allow for on-demand printing of vibrant, durable labels that enhance product appeal and streamline store operations.


Embrace the Cutting-Edge in Educational Label Printing. Printer Source Plus brings you the Epson ColorWorks series, specially designed to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of educational environments, from schools and universities to museums and libraries.
Thermal Printers

Zebra Thermal Label Printers

You don’t have time for printer failure. Printers should perform flawlessly, almost invisibly. But when they’re down, so are your operations. Remove the hassle with Zebra.
From simplified set-up to quality construction to performance-enhancing Print DNA software toolset – our printers are designed to be self-reliant, durable, and endlessly eager to work. Going beyond just hardware, they deliver the autonomy, intelligence – and unlike other brands, security – that give you peace of mind and a genuine sense of protection.
Thermal Printers

GoDEX Thermal Label Printers

GoDEX offers comprehensive product line and wired / wireless connection to meet all demands in commerce / industry / manufacturing / logistic / medical care sectors and many more.

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